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Summer Care

......Years of sun exposure can devastate and dramatically age even the finest and healthiest of skins. Fair skin gets parchment-thin with freckling, dilated broken capillaries, age spots, and rough, red patches. Those with brown skins have a decade's grace before they start wrinkling, but even they do not get unscathed. Dark skin becomes coarse-looking with deep furrows. The sun's cancer-causing UV-B rays are, for the most part, blocked by the ample stores of melanin in dark skin. But the longer UV-A rays, which may not directly promote cancer but do cause wrinkling, penetrate to the dermis regardless of skin colour.

Below given points will be of help in Summer.

  • You need sunscreen throughout the year, more especially in a country like India where the sun reigns high no matter what the season. Apply about a teaspoon of sunscreen for your face, two tablespoons for your entire body.
  • While you buy a lotion check the label for one or both of these tried-and-true ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Titanium di oxide or zinc oxide also offer more UV-A protection. And because they aren't absorbed, they are well suited to sensitive skin.
  • Sunscreen works only while it's on your skin. Sweat can melt it; a handkerchief can rub it off. Re-apply your lotion every hour or two-even if it's water proof.
  • Eat vitamin rich foods- large amounts of vitamin C and E seem to make skin more resistant to burning. So do carotenoids (found in green and yellow fruits and vegetables). Include plenty of foods that are rich in these nutrients in your diet.
  • Wear protective headgear, or, carry an umbrella with you always.
  • Simply avoid (if you can) the sunshine when it's at its most intense, from ten to four. Plan outdoor activities for early morning or late afternoon. Summer will still find you.

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