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Personality Built-up

......There are leaders and followers among us. But most of us want to become a leader than to be a follower so as to achieve success, happiness in life. To be a leader one has to inculcate the following habbits or practices.

  • To be a leader one has to possess knowledge and communication skills.
  • One must have good ideas.
  • One must be optimistic in his outlook.
  • Be hopeful and work hard with a positive frame of mind. Always think that you can succeed in your endeavour.
  • Do not fear failure. When you find yourself unsuccessful, donot loose your heart and examine the gifts and blessings you have got.
  • Be helpful to your friends and only think what you can give them instead of getting something from them.
  • Don't be selfish.
  • Be cheerful always and enjoy every moment of your life.
  • Be courageous and bold.
  • Take risks and responsibilities in the face of all difficulties.
  • Stick to your objective and work harder when in difficulties anticipating happy days to come.
  • Try to evolve new ideas and work on the untried ways, ideas and means.
  • Be enthusiastic irrespective of failures and setbacks in your life.
  • Believe in God and thank him for his blessings. Always bear in mind that God will do justice to you and reward you in the long run.

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