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If the house, the plot & the soil is built according to the Vaastu Shastra, then some Vaastu Law has maintained by the people living in it.

  • While sleeping your Head should be in the south or East.
  • There should not be any harsh noise while closing & opening Doors.
  • There should be no jug or jar, full of water near Telephone Stand because the Telephone Sound produces Electrical Rays which are hot & harmful to water.
  • The important papers should be always kept in an Almirah, kept in the East side, otherwise the related events will not be to your benefit.
  • There is a necessity of locker in a house in the Isan side.
  • The food should be made facing East, In the Agnaya angle and eating materials almirah should be in the right hand side, by doing so the Food will taste Good.
  • The Bedsheet should be changed in the Daytime.
  • The Shoos & Chhapals should not be scattered, it gives birth to Quarrel.
  • The vegetable after cutting should not be kept on the Floor but in the Utensils, otherwise the taste of the vegetables would be absorbed by the Floor.
  • Never keep Dirty clothes with Washed Clothes.
  • If you do Shaving then do it Everyday otherwise keep Long Beard because uneven Beard gives birth to Poverty.
  • There should not be useless Photographs on the wall but only one or two important ones.
  • Combs & Cosmetics should be kept Decorated and at proper place.
  • The Towels should be kept away from the Guest & Outsiders.
  • The Photographs of dead people should not be in the Drawing Room or Near the Doors.
  • There should be a symbol of  swastik or Photographs of Ganesh Lakshmi on the walls of Doors of Entrance.
  • You should put one Glass of water near the Main Doors. Which will give Prosperity.
  • The Clothes Worn during the Night should be changed before 8 O'Clock Morning.
  • Expose your Body to First Rays of the Sun in the morning.
  • Before the Sun-rise you should Clean your Courtyard.
  • While going for important work you should  not see or eat egg or meat.But Seeing or Eating Fish or Curd is Very Lucy and Auspicious.
  • You should Avoid Fans which Harsh Noise which results in Quarrel in the house all the day.
  • Scents occupy an important place in a person's life. Our inner instincts get hold of scents   immediately. So while Sleeping or in the Morning or Evening one should Apply Scents.It is Very Peaceful.
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