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In the midst of distress, his farming spirit is still alive

.........BARGARH:HE rejects the idea of depression. He inspires farmers to never give up hope. Meet 60-year-old Bati Kumbhar who supplies food at a roadside dhaba after he mortgaged his three acres of land to meet the medical expenses of his ailing wife. At a time when farmers are committing suicide in the State, Bati is an inspiration for farmers to never give up hope. In case one stops at Munna Dhaba along Bargarh-Sambalpur road just before touching NH-6, one will be taken aback by Batiís sheer knowledge of agriculture. In the wake of pest attack on crops, Bati reasons that increasing use of pesticide and fertiliser has been attracting pests in command areas. He says input cost of paddy has been growing over the years. Farming hardly offers any profit these days, he adds. Bati is illiterate and his knowledge of agriculture comes from the fact that he was a farmer not long time back. Batiís wife Tebha died six years ago of breast cancer. He had to mortgage his three acres of land at Dhubenpali village in Bheden block for his wifeís treatment. He was cultivating paddy on this land and sustained his family. A year ago, his daughter-in-law passed away. Now, the world of Bati revolves around his five-year old grand-daughter. But despite the ups and downs, Bati has not lost hope and has fond memories of life as a farmer. Though he is no more into farming, he evinces keen interest in matters of agriculture. His farming spirit is still alive.



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News Updated: 11/15/2017 10:09:12 AM.
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