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Mother's Advice

Saloni Mouse lived with her son, Sonu in the corner of a house which was not in good condition in a village.
"Mummy, shall I go out to play?" Sonu asked his mother one day.

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Forest Goddess

Sheetal forest was the abode of many a bird and animal. There was great love and harmony among them.
The little birds of the forest lived on the gulmohar trees which grew in abundance in the forest. There was no dearth of foodgrains for these birds either.
Kunmun squirrel lived in the hollow of one of these trees.
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Rani's Story

Rani ant was a glutton. She was so crazy about eating sweets that she would pounce upon them greedily even her stomach would be full to the brim.
It was because of her habit of eating too much sweets that she fell ill.
The doctor examined her and instructed her not to eat more sweets. But greedy as she was, she did not pay heed to the doctor's advice.
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Courageous Chiku

It was evening. Chiku rabbit was busy chatting on Internet in his room. His mother was preparing halva of carrots in the kirchen. Chiku loved eating halva of carrots.
Chiku's mother picked the tin of milkmaid from the shelf to add to the halva. But it was almost empty. She thought for a moment and then decided to borrow it from her neighbour.
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Vicky, the kid of the squirrel and Tweety, the kid daughter of the sparrow were good friends. Their mothers, however, did not have much interaction for they were always busy with their chores.When their mothers were away to collect their foods, both Vicky and Tweety were left alone in their respective homes. Thus the young ones became friends.
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