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Your Pet :: Dog

........The dog isn't simply man's best friend. He's man's oldest friend also. For thousands of years man has befriended dog, and dog has worked for man, hunting for him, herding his livestock, protecting him, guarding him, even saving his life.

........This old friend of ours comes from jackal or wolf as their ancestor. Dog is believed to be reared first for guarding purpose, but the subsequent realization of the affectionate nature, loyalty and intelligence has made them man's best companion as well.
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Your Pet :: Cat

........The cat has been woven into human society for thousands of years. Cats have been alternately revered as gods (as in ancient Egyptian culture). A mention of cat in Sanskrit literature of 3000 years ago indicated the domestic existence of this animal in other parts of the world. Today we see them for what they really are: responsive, intelligent animals who adapt to most living environments.
Cat, a confirmed believer in liberty and freedom is the only animal which has maintained its independence inspite of domestication for centuries together. Unlike other domesticated species cat still has managed to hang on to its wild instincts till date.

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Your Pet :: Fish

........In the wild, your fish would live in a much larger body of water in which nature would filter out waste materials. In your aquarium, however, the single greatest killer of fish is the build up of waste materials, those excess food and fish wastes which must be filtered out or changed into harmless compounds to prevent poisoning of your fish.
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