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Teacher : What is the largest production in India?
Pupil : "Indians!"
It is running
Night and Day
But it never
Runs away
Ram : Did you hear, I just bought a new car?
Sham : What kind of car?
Ram :I don't remember. But I know it starts with Z.
Sham : Don't hide facts. No car starts with Z. Every car starts with petrol only.
This is a house
With one window in it,
Showing films
Nearly every minute.
Teacher : Give me an example of coincidence?
Dipu : My mother and father got married on the same day.
When I ride,
I am all right,
When I stop,
I flop.
Teacher : Again poor mark in history; you ought to be ashamed, when I was your age I always got high marks in history.
Student : You had it easy. History was then 50 years shorter.
It begins
Just where it ends
And your lovely house
There stands
Polly : What is your nationality?
Moly : My mother was born in Iceland and my father in Cuba.
Polly : Then you must be an Ice Cube!
Without tongue,
Without ear,
I can speak,
And sing,
And hear.
Father : "why are you keeping your report card on teh cupboard ?"
Raghu : "Daddy, my teacher has written keep it up in the report so I am keeping it up!!"
We are very little creatures, all of us have different features. One of us in glass is set, one of us you'll find in a jet. Another you may see in tin and a fourth boxed within. If the fifth you should persue, it can never fly from you.
Son : Dad, a boy beat me up at school.
Father : Can you recognise him ?
Son : Oh! Yes, dad, I have got his tooth with me.
What is that starts with a " T ", ends with a " T " and is full of " t "?
Mother : "Son, is your cough better?"
Son : "Yes, I've been practising it all night".
What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?
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