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.............When you read your horoscope over your morning coffee, you're only looking at your Sun Sign. Real Astrology, however, goes far beyond your Sun Sign. Astrology takes into account the time and location of your birth in conjunction with the position of the Sun, Moon and Planets within the Zodiac -- as well as their relation to each other. All of these energies affect you. In some cases the combined powers of the other Bodies in your chart can have more influence on you than does your Sun Sign.

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PISCES :(Feb22-Mar21) :
Ruling the house of the unconscious, the Fish tends to be dreamy. Pisceans are gentle soft-spoken, serene and accommodating. Selfless, spiritual, sensitive and.....

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.............Precious stones have been associated with the zodiac signs and continue to be credited with possessing power to bring luck and change the course of an individual's life......
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