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........Reiki is a natural healing method that uses the hands of a healer to channel energy to another person through chakras or energy centers. Reiki has been found to have a calming effect on the body. It can restore balance to the body. It supports the body's natural ability to heal itself.

........Reiki is an holistic healing system - it's good for all kinds of health problems, emotional as well as physical.Maratha Sylvester did the first part of the Reiki training, known as the first degree, in 1984, and has been teaching since 1986. She describes Reiki as giving the practitioners an invisible aerial that attracts energy. According to Maratha, many people come to her because they are stressed out.

........The power of Reiki is very difficult to put into words - one really has to experience it. Various types of sensations are experienced by the receiver. It's normal to feel tingly, to feel very light or even very heavy, and to see waves of colours. Many patients find also that their eyes water while the practitioner's hands are over them, and you quite feel dehydrated. The energy goes on working for 24 hours after the treatment, and you make sure you drink plenty of water during that time. Some people will require daily treatments, especially those with chronic conditions. However, many who have treatments go on to learn how to treat themselves by doing Reiki training with great success.

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