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"Health is wealth". To maintain good health one should eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, remove stress from day-to-day life and think positively.

Exercise keeps you fit and healthy. you just have to exercise enough to maintain a certain level of health. To be fit and healthy alongwith external and internal care, one should exercise regularly to burn up the calories and lose fat at the right places. You can easily manage 10-15 minutes out of your busy schedule if you want to have a fit body. Please remember not to exercise immediately after your meal.

Some points to remember before exercising:

  • Don't push yourself when you are over tired.
  • Don't exercise on an empty stomach. Have a small drink or snack before you start to exercise session.
  • Don't exercise immediately after a full meal.
  • If you are exercising for the first time, start with a 5 - 7 minutes session and then increase the time of the session each time.
  • Always start the exercise session with a warm up and end with a cooling down period.
  • Wear well cushioned shoes.
  • Exercise can be done on a wooden floor or carpeted surface to reduce shock. Do not exercise on a loose, short and small mat which may slip and lead to to a fall.
  • Wear comfortable clothes which are not constricting.
  • Make sure there are no objects around the exercise area which may hurt you while you are exercising.
  • There must be enough space around you - make sure that you can stretch your arms wide without hitting anything.
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