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          Puri is one of the famous Dhamas(holy places) of India. Adi Shankaracharya founded one of the Peethas here. This holy district has seventeen important tourist spots. Among them the noteworthy are: The ancient and world famous Sri Mandir and its attractive seabeach along with Mathas and Ashrams. Sri Gundicha temple, Adi Sankaracharya's Gobardhan Math, Siddha Mahabir temple, Chakratirtha, Sunar Gaurang, Atharnala, Panchatirtha Pond, Nanak's Bauli Matha, Radhakanta Matha established by Sri Chaitanya, Haridas Thakur's Siddha Bakula & Haridas Matha, Khirachora Gopinatha, Ramanuja's court, Emar Matha, Batamangala, Adwaita Brahma Ashram otherwise known as Ginaribanta and Puri's Swargadwara are the main attraction for the tourists all over the world.

  • Jagannath temple , is situated in the heart of Puri town which is 62 kms from Bhubaneswar. Puri is one of the famous Dhamas(holy places) of India.

    The main temple, a majestic structure of 65 meters, stands on an elevated platform , its swirling pinnacle commanding the landscape for miles around. Apart from the main temple one should see within its precincts the smaller temples of Goddess Vimla, Laxmi and Vishnu and Ananda Bazar, the biggest food market of the world.

    In this temple the lord of Universe is worshiped with his elder brother Balabhadra and his younger sister Suvadra. The name of the lord as Purusottam (Perfection personified) or as Jagannath ( Lord of Universe) represents a universality in time with the familiar fraternity of mankind (vasudeva Kutumbakam). The lord with his outstretched open arms held in the posture of an embrace symbolizes love and friendship.

    The height of the temple is 65 meters with a fort like compound down the broad path. which epitomizes the Kalinga architecture.The holy kitchen of the temple prepares the 'Mahaprasad' for atleast 10,000 people everyday.

    The festival of chariots known as the Rath eater, an annual ritual spreading over the entire summer and monsoon months, makes Puri attractive and enjoyable for tourists during this season. In this festival the three main deities Balaram, Suvadra, and Jaganath are majestically wheeled down the broad path.They are taken in the huge and beautifully caparisoned multiwheeled chariots to another temple that is 3 kms away. After nine days return journey is made.


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