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          Cuttack the ancient capital of Orissa carries historic  temples of ancient time. Some of them are Dhabaleswar temple, Cuttack Chandi temple, Astasambhu temple, Gadagadia Mahadev temple, Gadachandi temple etc.
  • Ashta Sambhu Temple ruins (12th cent) at Chaudar near Cuttack
  • Chateswar Temple at Kishenpur near Cuttack
  • Cuttack Chandi temple is one of the old temples of Cuttack. Goddess Cuttack Chandi is regarded as the protector of the Cuttack city.
  • Dhabaleswar Temple was built by Pratap Rudra Dev. This temple is situated in an island of Mahanadi river. It is well known for its scenic beauty.
  • Gada Chandi Temple is situated in the historic Barbati Fort which is well known for its role in Orissa's history.
  • Gadagadia Mahadev Temple is situated in the banks of Mahanadi river.
  • Indrasthana Temple at Amaravati near Cuttack
  • Padmeswar Temple at Baneswarnasi near Narasinghpur (Cuttack)
  • Paschimeswar Temple at Amangai Island near Khanderpur (Athgarh - Cuttack)
  • Simhanath Temple at Simhanath Island near Baideswar (Cuttack)
  • Tarakeshwar Temple at Ganeshwarpur near Cuttack
  • Angeshwar Temple at Pitapara near Niali
  • Madhavanand Temple at Madhava near Niali
  • Sobhaneshwar Temple at Niali
  • Trilochaneshwar Temple at Sadansa near Niali

Road map of Cuttack

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