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STPI provides incubating infrastucture like office space, general amenities specially for the Small and Medium Entrepreneures(SMEs).

STPs are well equipped with all basic amenities like utility power, back-up power,Epabox, security, training aids, common library etc which eliminate the capital investments by SMEs in facility creation. All such facilities are created in STP ,based on the member unit requirements .Such a concept enables the SMEs to set up operations within a time bound manner without much investment on the initial capital.

The High Speed Data Communication(HSDC) services STPI through its own International Gate Way have fulfilled the much demanded requirements of this industry.STPI operates one of the largest nation wide networks for the Software Export units called Software Exporters Networks "Softnet" which provides International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC),Global Internet Services to the software Exporters. This has attracted foreign investment from multinational companies and encouraged many big Indian Software Companies to set up "Offshore Development Center(ODC) and proven it self as " EXPLORING NETWORKING   ALTERNATIVES  FOR  BETTER  DATA  COMMUNICATION   NEEDS".

STPI Centers are located at different locations in Bhubaneswar, Bangalore , Pune, Noida, Hyderabad, Gandhinagar, Thiruvanatapuram, Chennai, Jaipur, Mohli, Navi, Mumbai, Mysore, Manipal, Coimbatore, Vizag, Guwahati, Indore, Calcutta having its Head Quarter at New Delhi.

The Ministry of Information Technology (MIT) Govt. of India while framing the policies to boost software sectors with distinct focus at software exports nation wide identified Bhubaneswar to be one of the spot along with Pune and Bangalore to set up STPI having its Head Quarter at New Delhi.

The Bhubaneswar center of STPI has started functioning from 1992 with infrastructural amenities like AS/400 system for core computing,15 rentable rooms , EPABX etc. Absence of  HSDC could not serve the purpose .

Recognising the need of the HSDC facility ,which is backbone of offshore development , STPI  have established Intelsat Business Service(IBS) Earth Station at Bhubaneswar. The Earth Station became operational during July,1997. Since then there is a significant increase in STP units reaching upto 52 and the facility contributed to a steep growth in software exports and crossed in an all time high of Rs. 53 crores mark during the financial year 1998-1999 and may touch Rs.150 crores in the current year.

Presently STPI-BBSR  is providing point-to-point International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) of multiple of 64 KBPS and Global Internet Services(GIS) to software exporters in the state.

As the man power development programme is one of the thrust area and objective , STPI-BBSR  is engaged in providing high end training on AS/400 ,JAVA, C++, Visual Basic, Web Technology, HTML etc. round the year. Around 1124 software professionals have been trained under the programme out of which 525 professionals  are working abroad and 200 are engaged in big software houses of the country .STPI-BBSR have made as ambitious plan to meet the quality manpower need of IT industries in coming years. It also takes the seminars like NetOrissa '98 , E-Commerce, Internet and driving force to update in changing IT scenario.

STPI also acts as a coordinator for Dept. of  Electronics Accredited computer course for state of Orissa and Nodal Agency for Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme   (MPLAD) for authorization in the state of Orissa.

STPI units has reached even to remote places of Orissa like Bhadrak and Rayagada where software units are engaged in export activities for MNC of USA. Presently 2000 software professionals are working in Bhubaneswar and the presence of upcoming  software Industries may create a greater employment revenues in future.It is heartening to note that the software exports is going to cross Rs. 1000 million marks as STPI is successfully in its endeavor, contributing to greater visibility which Bhubaneswar and Orissa enjoy today.

|Impact of Software in Orissa|STPI in Orissa|IT Status Of Orissa|IT Organizations|
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