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Impact of Software in Orissa

          Information Technology is one of the most dominant and growing Industry  in the global economy today. The dynamic technological advancements in the Information Technology has influenced the use of  IT products and tools in every sector and it has become one of the a in constituents of the human endeavor.  These dynamics have reinforced the changes in the economy and social sector that  are transforming the business and society.In view of this  new kind of economy-information economy, the software development activity is expected to grow many folds in the coming years.This technology has resulted in the growing importance of the software services.The software services have become growing segment in Europe ,Japan and US. It is estimated that the size of the global software and services market  will be around US $360 billion.

This is expected to increase to US $360 BILLION BY END OF 2000. The recent Internet ,Multimedia revolution and Euro Currency unification projects may perhaps influence this market to grow much beyond US $360 billion.

India is one of the very talented countries which is competing for the global market share.The Government of India has been tuning the policy to promote the software exports from India to increase the global market share.Ministry of Information Technology, Govt.of India has taken a step in right direction during 1991 by creating Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) across the country.

Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India has recognised the potential of Software exports and formulated the software Technology Park Scheme (STP). As part  of  the scheme, MIT has established Software Park of India ( STPI ),  an autonomous society , for promoting export of software and services by providing conductive environment & infrastructure facilities. basically STPI acts as a promotional , facilitator, Infrastucture provider and carried out various regulatory activities.

STPI also acts as front-end to the Software Industry for the Government policies & approvals and provides interface between industry and Government. 

It offers various services like issuance of import certificates. Green Cards, Import Export Codes (IEC) , monitors export declarations and operation of the units as a part of single point service to the industry. In fact, STPI has created a conductive environments in which software export industry may perform at a pace of commensurating with global standards and flourish.




|Impact of Software in Orissa|STPI in Orissa|IT Status Of Orissa|IT Organizations|
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