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Dhenkanal district :: Introduction

             Dhenkanal is a  town with a cluster of temples and  archaeological remains. Kapilash , the serene hill of epic fame houses the hilltop shrine of Lord Chandra Sekhar Shiva with a cluster of other temples and a mediaeval fort.The foothill is perched with a Deer Park, a Scence Park and a Panthasala-26 km from Dhankanal .Joranda(24 km) is the religious headquarters of Mahima Cult.11 km south -east of Dhenkanal town is Saptasajya , a hill of uncommon scenic charm- ideal for outing.
.........Joranda, Kapilas, Kualo, Ladagarh, Ramail, Saptasajya and Saranga are some of the visiting places of the Dhenkanal district.

Important Places

Kapilash : It is situated at a distance of 24 km from Dhenkanal. It is famous for Chandrashekar Shiva Temple which is situated on a hillock. The captivating natural scenery attracts the visitors. A deer park is situated nearby.

: It is situated at a distance of 12 km from Dhenkanal. It is the place of scenic beauty and is famous for Saptarisi(seven sages) and Raghunath .In Mahabharat ,it is said that 'the Pandavas' had taken rest here.

Deulijhar : It is situated at a distance of 12 km from Dhenkanal. It is famous for the Mahima Temple and the seat of Mahima Dharma.

Tikarapada : It is situated at a distance  of  km. from Dhenkanal. There is a Gharial crocodile santuactuary admist lush green forest by the side of the Mahanadi river.

: It is famous for Goddess Kamakhya temple. The second largest bridge can be seen on the way of Kamakhyanagar.

Joranda : Situated at a disntance of 13km from Dhenkanal, it is famous for the seat of Mahatma cult. The Sunya temple attracts the tourists.

General Information About Dhenkanal District




Population 10,65,983 Literacy Rate 70.11%
Head quarter Dhenkanal Vidhansabha seats 4
Sub division 3 Villages 1,221
Blocks 8 Grama panchayat 172
Municipality 0 Towns 3
N.A.C 2 Rainfall 1589.3mm(Avg)
Tahasils 4 . .


Blocks Tahasils Subdivisions
1. Dhenkanal sadar
2. Gandia
3. Odapada
4 . Hindol Sadar
5 . Bhuban
6 . Kamakhyanagar
7 . Kanakdahada
8 . Parjang
1. Hindol
2. Kamakhyanagar
3. Dhenkanal
4. Bhuban
1. Dhenkanal

Road map of Dhenkanal District

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