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Cuttack District :: Introduction

          One of Orissa's oldest cities ,better known as the Business Capital of Orissa .It offers gold and silver filigree works, horn and brass work, silk and cotton textiles and leather works.           This city has river Mahanadi in the north and river Kathajodi in the south. Those who are fascinated by history are drawn  to the ruins of the Barabati Fort. Nearby is the shrine of Kataka Chandi , the presiding deity of the city.The  Ravenshaw College, High Court, S.C.B Medical, All India Radio Centre, Central Rice Research Institute, Stone Revetment, Temple of Goddess Chandi and Barabati Durga are the main visiting places. Cuttack is also recognized for its Paper mills, Sugar factory, Tile factory, glass and china clay factory, jute mill and spinning mills.
.........Ansupa, Banki, Bhattarika, Choudwar, Dhabaleswar, Kukudiapada, Kukudanga, Lalitgiri, Naraj, Nemala, Niali Madhab, Satakosia, Simhanath and Paramhansa are some of the places of tourist interest

Important Places

Dhabaleswar : It is situated at a distance of 7 kms. from Cuttack on the bed of river Mahanadi. It is famous for the Dhabaleswar temple . A large festival is celebrated here in the Kartik(November month).

Qadam- I- Rasool : Situated in the centre of the city it is sacred to the Hindus as well as the Muslims. This 18th century shrine shelters the footprints of Prophet Mohammed on a circular stone in its central mosque. There are two more beautiful mosques and a music gallery.

Paramahasanath temple : People visit the Paramahansanath of Shiva on a holy day . The temple on the outskirts of the town is famous for its water hole (Ananta garva),which floods the sanctum santorum on holy occasions.

: It is situated at a distance of 60kms. from  Bhubaneswar .A temple is situated on a hillock in that place dedicated  to the Goddess Charchika .River Mahanadi flows through the town.

Mahavinayak : At a distance of 2 kms. from Chandikhol to the West is the seat of famous Ancient Shiva temple of Mahavinayak.

Chhatia : It is situated at the distance of 35 kms. from Cuttack. It is famous for Lord Jagannath Temple.

: It is situated  on the bed of the river Mahanadi and is famous for the Shiva temple and the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the nature.

Niali-Madhab : It is situated at the distance of 42 km. from Cuttack. It is famous for the temple of Sovaneswara Shiva.

Ansupa : It is a beautiful lake and is situated at the distance of 60kms. from Cuttack. The Charming nature attracts the Tourists.The lake is a heaven for migratory birds in winter. The lake offers facilities for boating and fishing .

Naraja : This is one of the scenic spot on the bank of the Mahanadi in the south,which boasts of many Buddhist images. It is 15 kms. from Cuttack.

Bhattarika : This charmin scenic spot on the Mahanadi valley is situated at a distance of of 90kms from Cuttack. It is famous for the temple of Goddess Bhattarika.

Niali Mahdab : Situated at a distnace of 42kms from Bhubaneswar, Niali is famous for the temple of Sobhaneswar(Shiva) and Madhab(Vishnu).

General Information About Cuttack District

Area 3,733Sq.Km. Forest 163.65Sq.Kms.
Population 23,40,686 Literacy Rate 76.13%
Head quarter Cuttack Vidhansabha seats 10
Sub division 3 Villages 1865
Blocks 16 Grama panchayat 274
Municipality 1 Towns 9
N.A.C 2 Temperature 42.0(Max), 7.5(Min)
Tahasils 10 Rainfall 1587.4mm(Avg)

Blocks Tahasils Subdivisions
1. Salepur
2. Banki sadar
3. Athagarh sadar
4. Tigiria
5. Narasinghpur
6. Gobindpur
7. Baramba
8. Kantapada
9. Niali
10. Mahanga
11. Cuttack sadar
12. Tangi
13. Dampada
14. Krisnanagar
15. Baranga
16. Choudwar
1. Athagarh
2. Banki
3. Baramba
4. Darpani
5. Narsinghpur
6. Choudwar
7. Tangi
8. Tigiria
9. Niali
10. Cuttack
1. Banki
2. Athagarh
3. Cuttack

Road map of Cuttack District

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