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  • Dr K Nayak - Dr K. Nayak is an eminent Oriya writer well known for his books like  ‘SADANANDABABUNKA SANSAR’,  ‘SUNIMA HEU’ & ‘BANABHOJI’ . He has fifty one numbers of publication in the field of Oriya literature to his credit apart from  his works in numbers of magazines and news papers.

  • Manoj Das - The Sarala Award winner, Prof. Manoj Das is one of the foremost short-story writers in post-independence India. His work includes short-stories, poems, travelogues and essays in both English and Oriya.

  • Prativa Ray - The Sarala award winner, Pritibha Ray is one of the most famous writers in Orissa today. She has been writing Novels and Short stories actively for the past 25 years. Shilapadma, Yagnaseni, Samudra ra Swara are some of her popular novels.

  • Birendra Prasad Mohanty - Jeebanaranga award winnner, Late Birendra Prasad Mohanty is a very well known writer .He has written  novels, short stories and plays to his credit.

  • Annada Shankar Ray - Member of famous Sabuja-Juga poets, Annada Shankar Ray has contributed to Oriya literature through numerous poems related to dreams.

  • Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das - Gopabandhu Das (1877-1928) who is one of the founders of the modern Orissa state, is also remembered for his patriotic lyrical poems and lucid, thought provoking prose writings.

  • Jayanta Mohapatra - Jayanta Mahapatra has won prominence for his powerful, haunting and visionary work. He explores universal issues of love and death, separation and solitude in his literature works.

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