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Archeological Sites

  • Sitabinji, on the bank of river 'Sita' - Sitabinj carries the proof of a great civilization situated in the bank of Baitarani River in the 4th century. The main monuments found in Sitabinji are: Sitanka Entudisala, Ravana Chhaya, Chaturmukha Brahma, Bhandara Ghara, Stone Inscriptions.

  • Ranipur-Jharial, in Titilagarh sub-division of Balangir district - Known as "Soma Tirtha" in scriptures, Ranipur-Jharial was a place that combined a cross section of religious faiths like Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Tantrism. The hypaethral temple of sixty four Yoginis a major attraction of the place, is one of the four such shrines in India.

  • Belakhandi, 67 km from Bhawanipatna in Kalahandi district -  Situated on the confluence of the rivers Tel and Uttei, two tributaries of the river Mahanadi, Belkhandi is a place of archaeological importance. It contains 12th century sculptures comprising of beautiful images of Saptamatruka and Uma Maheswar.

  • Nandapur, 69 km from Jeypore, the district headquarters of Koraput - Here the presence of Batrisa-Simhasana (Throne with 32 steps) has led some to believe that it was once a part of the empire of the great Vikramaditya Nandapur, 69 km from Jeypore is the ancient capital of the kingdom of Jeypore.

  • Hirapur , 15 km from Bhubaneswar - Of all the Yogini temples of India, the Hirapur Temple is the best preserved.

  • Udayagiri - One of the most fascinating Buddhist remains of Orissa is the imposing square central brick stupa of Udayagiri, which has a wide molded horizontal band of several brick courses with insets and offsets towards its base.

  • Lalitgiri - As a Buddhist site in Orissa, Lalitgiri is of great historical significance. Located on the plains of the Mahanadi delta, it is about 90 kilometres from Bhubaneswar and 60 kilometres from Cuttack.

  • Ratnagiri - Among the Buddhist sites of Orissa, Ratnagiri represents the summum bonum of the Buddhist art and Tantric philosophy (comprises of religious texts that describe the esoteric path towards enlightenment) of early medieval India.

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