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Tourism in Orissa

..........Orissa, the lush green state, girdled by the Bay of Bengal, has seen some of the best fusion of traditional Indian art in its many temples and monuments, and has been able to preserve much of it, in an environment natural to its wonder and attractions. It was in Orissa, that Buddhism found some of its strongest exposure, and cult following. However, it was Hindu art that dominated the landscape, eventually, and resulted in the profusion of temple traditions, that have endured till now.

Heavily forested, and isolated, Orissa was once famous for its majestic battle elephants. But life in Orissa revolved around temples, and that the Oriyas lived lives free of strife, is evident from the fact that the state has few forts or fortified palaces to its credit, indicative of centuries of peace and harmony.

Most of the state's attractions are close to each other, and convenient access is provided out of the state capital, Bhubaneshwar. The capital itself is an intriguing amalgam of the old and the new, an emerging modern Indian city, that is steeped in the roots of the traditions of its glorious past, without being overwhelmed by it.

Exquisite temples, classic monuments, golden beaches, enchanting wildlife and natural beauties are some of the characteristics of Orissa. One can find the best of ancient and modern India in this eastern state of India. This is the place of strong sense of holiness and marvelous past.


Orissa is a land of temples, which give a clear examples of a unique religious architecture. A synthesis of the inherent aesthetic sense of its people, and the values of the religious sects and cults. The Indian concept of beauty through ornamentation is evident. Flowers,jewels,strings of pearls and architectural motifs add to the enchanting scenes of myth, legend and life. If one wants the pleasure of experiencing the best of Oriya temple architecture, the `Golden Triangle' of Bhubaneswar, Puri and Konark is a must.

Buddhism and Jainism had considerable presence in some parts of the state. Ratnagiri, Lalitgiri and Udaigiri situated in Cuttack district indicate an immense Buddhist monastic complex. Bhubaneswar also has got a strong touch Jainism attached with its history. This can be seen from several Jain architectures like Khandagiri & Udayagiri. Udaigiri has the famous Rani Gumpha (Queen's Cave). The amous caves of Udaigiri include the Hati Gumpha(Elephant Cave).


Nandankanan, about 13 kilometers from Bhubaneswar, is a delightful place to visit the wild. The famous white tiger safari of NandanKanan attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

Similipal, the national park is a great place to watch the wild roam fearlesly.

Western part of the state can be a enjoyable place for the ones who love to see the nature untampered


Some of the very famous festivals celebrated in Orissa are Makar Mela (mid January) in Kalijai, Chilika Lake. Tribal Fair (late January) at Bhubaneswar Konark Dance Festival (Nov-Dec) in Konark Sun Temple Rath Yatra (early July) in Puri.

Tourist's collection

It's always a delight to shop in Orissa. Each purchase can become a collection for the whole lifetime. Not just for reasons of variety, but for the sheer artistic skill used in the creation of each article. The choices vary from simple decorative articles, paintings, sarees, to georgious silver jewellery and pattachitra. Pattachitra is the folk painting of Orissa based on the events of historical imortance to the state and mythological storylets Great artwork from Pipli, near Bhubaneswar and on the way to Puri is worth a purchase.

Water Stretches

Orissa is more than a land of splendid architecture, warm people and fascinating traditions. It's a land blessed with a matchless waterstretches. Gopalpur-on-sea, an ancient seaport, is one of the most beautiful, untampered beaches one can visit. Puri, Konark & Chandipur are the other wonderful beaches in the state. Chilika, the greatest saltwater lagoon of Asia is a great place to cool yourself down.


Airport : Bhubaneswar Railway : All the major cities are connected by the Indian Railways from most of the major parts of the country Roadways: Accesssible from all the major cities in the country


Very good hotel and lodging facilities are available in Bhubaneswar, Puri, Konark, Chilika Lake and Gopalpur-on-sea.


Favourable seasons to visit : October and April.
OTDC (Orissa Tourism development Corporation) offers sight-seeing packages for all these cities at very economical rates.

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